Drive more online sales by selling on VidaMonti.


Drive more online sales by selling on VidaMonti.

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Increase your revenue with each sale online.

Grow your fashion ecommerce business with VidaMonti Checkout quickly.

VidaMonti Checkout as a service allows fashion brands, online stores and retailers to sell their products directly on VidaMonti.

Advantages of VidaMonti Checkout

Ease purchase

Remove the need of redirecting potential customers from VidaMonti Search to your site to complete their purchases.

Keep customers

Average cart abandonment rate in fashion is 70%. By using VidaMonti Checkout you can decrease this down to 20% or lesser.

Scale growth

Sell your products directly to the consumers who are looking for what you are offering. Get matched with them automatically in no time.

Increase revenue

Grow your business by having attribution with each sale where your revenue will increase often around 30% or more.

Simplify shopping

 Turn VidaMonti’s users into your customers by simplifying their shopping journey, and help them save time & money.

Power up with AI

Increase user retention and transaction volume. Enable low chance of user drop off. Gain more profit in potential revenue.

One platform, entire world

VidaMonti takes 12% commission for every item sold through VidaMonti Checkout. Commission is charged on the item amount only. You are not charged commission on shipping costs (or any US sales tax, or other local, state or federal tax that you are obligated to collect on the order within the US).

We are now accepting applications for this service and will make available for all interested parties. Register for the updates using the form below: