Discover the magic behind VidaMonti.


Discover the magic behind VidaMonti.

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Why use VidaMonti

  • VidaMonti delivers the most relevant fashion search results based on personal requirements – fast and first for its users. VidaMonti uses sophisticated and proprietary technology to produce the right results fast with every query to eliminate irrelevant results.
  • VidaMonti returns relevant results sustainably because it responds to your query using a self-automated and self-scalable method that ranks relevant products based on the hyper-contextual deep data and semantic relationship-based link structure of each product page and ecommerce site on the internet itself.
  • The overwhelming amount of fashion ecommerce information and data in the web requires an excellent fashion search service to render that information to make it useful, understandable, and easily accessible.
  • Without a powerful fashion search tool, finding a specific product and its information can be as difficult as finding an item in a warehouse that has no inventory tags and completely random method of storing the products.

VidaMonti brings order to the Fashion Ecommerce

VidaMonti is designed and built to bring order on online fashion shopping. It’s what a fashion search service should be, not an edited, altered, limited directory or a list of results that have been auctioned to the highest bidder, but a thoughtful, trustworthy and fair method of organizing the world’s fashion ecommerce data and information to its own structure.

VidaMonti has revolutionized fashion search on the web with its technology that leverages the structural nature of the ecommerce on the web instantly, directly and without intermediary. This structural nature automatically democratizes the ecommerce on the internet by eliminating hierarchy and enabling data flow from one ecommerce site to another without disturbance until it reaches to end-users consistently and continuously.

Integrity, Fairness and Equality

VidaMonti’s very complex automated fashion search methods preclude human interference. Unlike other fashion search engines, VidaMonti is structured in way so no one buy a higher position or commercially alter search results. VidaMonti brings an honest and objective way to find high-quality ecommerce websites and relevant product information without hassle.

Benefits of a VidaMonti Search

Returning relevant search results

VidaMonti only produces results that are relevant and semantic to your search terms. It points you to the right product that you are looking for. We don’t allow spammers to game search results by any means.

Fashion search like a human

We are committed to earn customer’s and user’s trust & loyalty by solving their search problems and respecting them every day. We surprise and delight them. We make short-term sacrifices for a lifetime of loyalty.

Location sensitive fashion search

VidaMonti prioritizes search results to the proximity of your search terms. We favor search results with your search terms in close semantic proximity, so you save time through reaching out to only relevant results.

Relevant preview of each search result

Instead of just excerpted text that matches your query, VidaMonti excerpts the information and data as image-based search result. This saves you time and frustration of loading irrelevant and unnecessary information.

Our approach to Fashion Search

VidaMonti’s innovative fashion search technology and elegantly designed user-friendly interface sets VidaMonti apart from today’s first-generation fashion search engines.

VidaMonti ensures that the most important and relevant results with deep-conscious-linking always come up first, beyond just finding products and bringing results irrelevantly.

Our distinctive approach to searching the products on the internet is based on the following features:

A user-friendly interface

VidaMonti’s clean, uncluttered and stress-free interface is designed to make it easy for users to enter search queries and interpret results. Search results are presented as image-based contextual summaries so users can easily tell if the corresponding products will satisfy their need.

Sophisticated query matching

VidaMonti is hyper contextual-based. It analyses all the content of each product page and factors in several different segmentation of all terms on the product page. All of this semantic indexed data enables VidaMonti to return results that are more relevant and personal to user queries.

Relevancy of search results

VidaMonti helps users get to the results they are looking for by delivering the most relevant and important results first and providing an excerpt from the product page with product image, brand name, product title and price.

Neural collective intelligence

VidaMonti uses its neural collective intelligence of the ecommerce information and data on the web to determine the relevancy and importance of a product page, and it does that without using editors or its own employees to judge a product page’s relevancy and importance.

Integrity and equality in search results

VidaMonti delivers only true search results from trusted & verified ecommerce sites. The results are based on the objective, automated measurement of the relevancy, importance of the product pages, ranking and semantic-matching measures.

Democratized fashion search

VidaMonti prevents manipulation of returned results by spammers, marketers, and fraudulent ecommerce websites. We never alter the search results based on any type of advertising, campaigns or misrepresented content by any means.